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League of Shadows

(WoW:Antonidas Realm - Alliance)
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Welcome to the League of Shadows website!
(WoW:Antonidas Realm - Alliance)

We hope this site will allow us to build a better and stronger user community within our guild.

SPECIAL PROMOTION! Members of the Guild that create a Web Account will receive 1 Gold for their primary Guild Character! [Create Account]

If you are already a member of our Guild but do not yet have a web site account, you can [create a web account] or log in with your account above. Be sure to type in your Guild character names on the sign up page to accurately link your account on the [Roster] page.

Once your account is created - The webmaster will need to approve your account for Member Access which may take a day or so. If its been more than 1 day and you still have not been upgraded to members status, please contact an officer within the Guild.

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Joop for more information.
Other Guild News

Guild Bank Guide

Joop_LoS, Mar 4, 08 7:24 PM.
Now that Blizzard has implemented the new built in Guild Bank system we have decided to migrate our Guild Bank to the new system.

Here are the current guidelines with the new Guild Bank system:
(May change at any time depending on needs of members)

Currently there are 3 Guild Bank Tabs (potential to increase this based on guild needs).

Tab 1 - Contains all items that are [Common] to be shared among members. Must be at least Rank Scout to withdraw items from this tab.

Tab 2 - Contains all items that are [Uncommon] to be shared among members. Must be at least Rank Pathfinder to withdraw items from this tab. 1 Item/Stack Withdraw Limit per day.

Tab 3 - Contains all [Rare]/[Epic] items. Only Officers/Guild Master can withdraw items from this tab to give to appropriate members.

Withdrawals (By Rank)
Scout - 1 [Common] / [Uncommon] Item/Stack Withdraw Limit per day.
Pathfinder - 2 [Common] / [Uncommon] Item/Stack Withdraw Limit per day.
Specialist - 3 [Common] / [Uncommon] Item/Stack Withdraw Limit per day.
Shadow - 4 [Common] / [Uncommon] Item/Stack Withdraw Limit per day.
Champion - 5 [Common] / [Uncommon] 5 Item/Stack Withdraw Limit per day (5 Gold for Repair)
Dragoin - 5 [Common] / [Uncommon] Item/Stack Withdraw Limit per day (10 Gold for Repair)

Members may withdraw items from the Bank that they need for their class/profession/quests. Any members caught selling or trading items from the Guild Bank or abusing withdrawals may be terminated from the Guild! The Guild Bank is for helping out other members, not for the greedy players to try and take advantage.

Any member can donate to either tab, but please make sure to store the item in an appropriate tab.

At this time, Gold may be donated to the Guild Bank to help build up Guild Funds for helping out members, contests, etc. As of now Guild Bank money will not be allowed to be directly withdrawn by members. This feature may be enabled for certain ranks in the near future as the need arrises.

Any questions, concerns or problems - please let me know.

- Joop

Guild Rules / Guidelines for members

Joop_LoS, Jun 1, 07 10:55 PM.

The following rules/guidelines are put in place to keep the Guild atmosphere a happy fun place to be ;) Most are pretty common sense but if you have any questions or concerns about anything, let us know.

1) Do not disrespect your guildmates in public / guild / party chats.  We can't make everyone like everyone else, but bad-mouthing is going to cause problems, as groups of people take sides and it turns into a big mess. If you have any problems with any Guild mates - please let an officer know and we'll try to resolve any issues for you.

2) Absolutely NO racism or other hate-speech by guild members in any chat channels. We are talking about real life racism/hate. We do not accept bad mouthing in game classes/races either - every race/class has been introduced into this game for a reason to somehow help in some way.

3) No dishonest dealing.  Do not attempt to cheat or trick someone in a trade / auction deal.

4) No ninja-looting. Ninja Looting is trying to take all instance or party loot items for yourself when you may or may not need them. Please use appropriate NEED/GREED rolls. Only roll NEED on items that are suited for your class and is something better when what you currently have equipped. If you don't NEED it, GREED it. Be sure to /roll for all treasure chests your group finds to be fair with the loot.

5) Respect and obey the guild officers at all times.  For instance, if they ask you to end a discussion on guild chat, then it is over.   This is the only way the officers can keep the guild running smoothly.

6) Begging: Do not ask strangers for free goods, services or money.  Your name shows up in the WOW world with your guild name very visible, so begging tarnishes the image of the guild and will not be tolerated.   Begging in the guild chat is also unacceptable.  It's fine to ask politely once if someone has a spare item you might need.  But asking over and over is too much.   Privately asking a friend in the guild for something is your business, but if another member says no, then do not keep asking. 

7) Quest/Instance assistance:  We encourage all members to help other members.  But this doesn't mean getting a much higher level player to escort you thru a quest or instance.   The quests and instances are supposed to be a challenge.  If you have a friend in the guild who doesn't mind "running you thru" an instance so you can get some piece of loot, cool.  But do not expect this as the way you do all instances and quests.  Find guild members and non-guild members around the same level as yourself to do these tasks.   You will gain more XP, and learn more about how to really play your character.  If you feel you need someone more than 5 levels over your own level to complete an instance or quest, maybe you are not ready for it. Also try not to leave a group in mid instance - if you feel you don't have time or a full instance or may need to leave early - let your party know in advance.

8) No betting in guild chat channels, for either real world money or in-game gold.  What starts as a friendly wager can quickly turn into an argument that hurts the guild.

9) Guild Chat: Guild chat is a great resource for communicating with other members and we encourage members to use it ask questions and to keep in touch. Just remember that all members see messages posted in Guild chat and many will be in the middle of questing or instances and can not always respond right away. If you are talking to Guild members in your Party or Raid group - please be sure to use the /party or /raid chat to not confuse other members overflow the Guild chat. Officers may ask you to use private whisper (/t, /w) if we see some discussions that could be more beneficial in a private discussion. Please keep the ranting / swearing to a minimum and stay away from the ALL CAPS METHOD OF TYPING :).

10) Respect - Not just for Guild Members. Please try and follow the above guidelines when interacting with non Guild Members.  The Guild reputation with outside members is all based on our interaction with non Guild members. Let's keep our Guild Reputation high - who knows which Guilds we have a chance to form some kind of alliance for help with in the future.

And most importantly!!!! Have fun! Were all here to have a good time and help each other out as much as possible. If you have any problems or concerns - let us know what we can do to make things better!

STV Gladiator Contest Winners (5-26-2007)

Joop_LoS, May 26, 07 9:52 PM.

Class and Instance Training

538786615_Inactive, May 26, 07 5:31 PM.
After Discussing it with Joop and a few other officers, Some of the high level LoS members will begin holding class and instance training. The Class training will be to help members better understand how to get the most out of their respective classes so they can be used most effectively. Instance training will be to better acquaint members with how instances should be properly run to make them easier for us.

I will be hosting the first of these sessions this Monday, Memorial Day at 4pm server time for Mage class training, and 5pm server time for instance training. We will meet at the entrance to SW. If interested please let me know or just show up, I will be online.

Hope to see ya there, more info on this will follow.


First STV Arena Gladiator Contest! Cash/Prizes!

Joop_LoS, May 26, 07 12:01 AM.
Join us for our STV Arena - Gladiator Contest!
(May 26th - 7PM Server Time PDT)

All members levels 15+ are allowed to enter!

For this event we will have a free for all battle for members within certain level ranges. Cash/Prizes will be rewarded for the winner of each battle.

Prizes are as Follows:

Level Range = Prize
15-19 = 1 gold
20-24 = 2 gold
25-29 = 4 gold
30-34 = 6 gold
35-39 = 8 gold
40-44 = 10 gold
45-49 = 12 gold
50-54 = 14 gold
55-60 = 16 gold
61-65 = 18 gold (Bonus Prize: Dragonbone Ring of the Bear) [+30 Stamina, +19 Strengh - lvl63]
66-69 = 20 gold
70 = 25 gold

We will have 1 battle for each level range that is available at the Arena starting with the lowest ranges and moving our way up.

If time permits we will allow start over with lower range lvls to try again at battle for a new winner of that range (excluding the winner for previous battle run - 1 prize per day/member).

Sign up below or /w Rideswithdog or Joop in game within 30 mins before battle times.

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